ANOTHER QUACK – ANOTHER SCANDAL – guess it all depends whether you’re watching DC or TV…which tells us that the WILD WINDS are blowing not only in Oklahoma.

Whata FREE-FOR- ALL at the high cost of  BULLSHIT -as-  “THEY ” (and we know who “THEY” are) are trying to pin all this on OBAMA and company: ping-ponging from the IRS, back to BENGHAZI and then onto the CIA.

YES – the TRUTH needs to be told and all need to be held ACCOUNTABLE and not at the price of SENSATIONALISM and RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP…!!!

Well as this all shakes out – let’s let the feathers fall where they may. All this needless BREW-HA-HA keeps the headlines raging as they bounce off of a PISSED-OFF BARACK who at last now has some fire in his belly -and a- HELLACIOUS HILLARY who eats scandals for lunch…!!!

ENUF SAID…!!!…as NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING continues to get done in DC…!!!…

Here’s a TOON-CLUSTER on how BARACK and HILLARY just might respond to all of  these  SHENANIGANS from a QUACK CITY perspective:




Here’s a remedy – let’s all go back to the good-old-days when we had BLOW JOBS in the WHITE HOUSE…!!!…



As the POLITICAL BULLSHIT continues to twirl – there is much more tragic concerns with the deep devastation in OKLAHOMA which is far from OK..!!!…it ain’t such a BEAUTIFUL MORNING these days.

I am just biding (or Biden) my time until “THAT THEY” blames the TORNADO on OBAMA…you know that some wacko will. They just might give US GAYS a break on this one…!!!..

Us here in QUACK CITY send our hearts and prayers to those who got BLOWN HARD by MOTHER NATURE. Needless to say that they will not be watching the WIZARD OF OZ anytime too soon.

Even DOROTHY is re-considering her priorities.


Well when SCANDALS that are SERVED-UP COLD meet the WRATH of OZ it’s time to bring another BLOG to a close.

Wishing you all a CALM WINDS and SCANDAL-FREE week of your own….until next time…FEATHERS UP…..bucky

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