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there THEY go AGAIN…!!!….

Remember that BUMPER STICKER of not too long ago that said:


Well I am back to being DISGUSTED AGAIN but this time with a QUACK…!!!….

Here we have the CLASSIC EXAMPLE of DARREL ISSA- a Republican Congressman from California – (goggle him). An often panel guest on REAL TIME with BILL MAHER – I don’t think DARREL with be making REAL TIME anytime soon – the OPERATIVE word here is REAL…!!!…

This REPUBLICAN WACKO is on a REVENGEFUL CRUSADE to bring down the President. He is very representative of many-most-if not all Republicans of fabricating scandal after scandal to DISTRACT OBAMA at a very high price to the Country. Identical to what they did to CLINTON without the BLOW JOB.

I do not want a DISTRACTED PRESIDENT – we need one who is FOCUSED on what he needs to do…!!!..HEY DARREL can we attend to the issue of JOBS and rebuilding the INFRA-STRUCTURE of this Country. Bridges are falling down in more ways than one.

With ISSA calling OBAMA the MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT in current history, he is further proving the point that the YOUNG of America feel that REPUBLICANS are RACIST, RIGID, CLOSED-MINDED and OLD FASHIONED…..who said that YOUTH was wasted on the YOUNG…!!!…

I run HOT and COLD with OBAMA -yet- I do admire his COOL and COMPOSURE – of course- this is what I would like to THINK that he is THINKING.


I have come to the strong conclusion that the most INSULTING thing you can say to a REPUBLICAN – is to call them a REPUBLICAN.

Now as far as BUMPER STICKERS ago – if you see this one –


I am behind the wheel.

Now – back to BEING AMUSED…!!!…bucky



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