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Wouldn’tcha just know it – here it is a slow news week – VERY SLOOOOOOOOW and with no DUCK-TOON in the PIPELINE – a lightning bolt of YEAAAAAAAAAAY struck with the news of BYE-BYE BACHMANN…!!!…

OH MY MICHELE your INSANITY is going to be missed and then some – then I am quite sure that we haven’t heard the last from you. Tell the truth – you are pulling a SARAH PALIN – and will return to the spotlight before we know it.

Can we say MICHELE-SARAH-2016. I am so sure that not only HILLARY is chomping at the bit with the sound of that.

HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD MICHELE – we all know what you are up to – just don’t let CONGRESS hit you in the ASS on the way OUT.  OUT unlike “THAT HUSBAND” of yours…!!!….

With a LAST QUACK until the next one…


INSANITY NEVER DIES….so here’s a MICHELE-FEST to all that you have given us here in QUACK CITY…..from the DARLING of the TEA PARTY, to the POINTLESS PRIMARIES watching your every move, to MIGRAINES avoiding “touchy” subjects and alas to your TRUE COLOR being revealed with your ultimate MELT-DOWN.






All to be highlighted by YOU and MARCUS marching down the aisle as we made our ANIMATED DEBUT together…..we are way far from JUST BEGUN…!!!…

I thank the TOON-GODS for you and all the many QUACKS you have given me. I just know that the TEA has not been taken out of the PARTY – most definitely there will be more MICHELE-INSANITY on the REPUBLICAN HORIZON….this is AMERICA after all…!!!…

bucky as always…..

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