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ALAS-ALAS-ALAAAAAAAAAAAS…!!!…DUCK-FEATHERS and CONFETTI fill the skies as my much-awaited, bally-whoooooooed, bantered back and forth, edited and re-edited, surviving all the FARTS and QUACKS of the creative process -and- ultimately waiting and waiting and waiting for the SUPREMES to SING in our FAVOR…


As EQUALITY QUACKS is making it’s DEBUT. An expansive, exhausting and exhilarating journey is now complete – everything considered to get to this point – it’s almost ANTI-CLIMATIC – yet – who I am to ever diminish a CLIMAX.

Taking the IDEA of animating my more popular EQUALITY-TOONS made animation more a “doable” reality. So here I am: putting me into motion for the very first time.

With much heart-felt appreciation of the collaborative talents of JASON FRAZIER (my voice) and JUSTIN MARCHERT (who gives me my waddle)…..EQUALITY QUACKS is here to tickle, taught and tease…and maybe even INSPIRE…!!!…



I invite you to enjoy EQUALITY QUACKS – a TRILOGY of TOON ACTIVISM that takes me – BUCKMINSTER DUCK – into three vignettes of  EQUALITY:

“WHY OH WHY” –  where I get lost in the WHYS and WHEREFORES of MARRIAGE EQUALITY

“Z-AAAAAAAAAAAP” – when I get caught between TECHNOLOGY and EQUALITY

“MISS LIBERTY” where I meet our BELOVED STATUE and have a few questions – just a few!!!


Along with the TRILOGY itself – here are each individual vignettes – which I call QUACK CITY QUICKIES – that stand alone on their own – just for fun and frolic…!!!


Once considering this as “featured short animation” – I have now re-classified it as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to help BUCKMINSTER makes his stand for EQUALITY.

If /when you see any opportunities to share this with your own passions and community alliances – PLEASE DO!!!  – share this is with friends, advocates and/or any anti-equality wackos in your life. Feel free to post and share on FACEBOOK or any other SOCIAL MEDIA.  Of course – I would love to go VIRAL, if that is my feathered fate and destiny.

This is my initial launch of my own EQUALITY CAMPAIGN that I want to share with others who are committed to the CAUSE as we waddle toward EQUALITY FOR ALL….not just a few….as with a little KAREN-SOLIDARITY – we have much more EQUALITY WORK to do…!!!


Together let’s keep QUACKIN’ for EQUALITY….afterall we do live in the Country of the Free – let’s make sure that AMERICA LIVE’S UP to it!!!

bucky as always…!!!…