whatsa DOROTHY to do..!!!…


Being the DOROTHY-DUCK that I am…and those of you who know – REALLY KNOW…!!!… I just had to see WOZ in 3D-IMAX….up close and very personal. So I polished up my RUBIES and got myself ready for a CYCLONE RIDE to my favorite alternative reality.

In celebration of the 75th ANNIVERSARY of the film’s release and on the day of my cartoonist’s 62nd BIRTHDAY – with grand anticipaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation – I was either going to be in my OZ-GLORY or I was going to dismantle the theatre in a DOROTHY HISSY-FIT making the evening news….!!!…


OZ has been with me ever since my mom first sat me down and we watched it on TV – I was captivated and mesmerized (even in all black and white) and have been ever since. When I finally CAME OUT to my mom many, many, many years later – telling her that my reaction to WOZ should have been her FIRST CLUE….!!!…

From the opening credits in 3D to thunderous applause – it HAD ME from the first moment in Kansas. OTR is OMG (figure that one out). I soon braced myself for the TWISTER approaching- the technology gave me a ride of a lifetime.  Once she opened that famous door the color is so visually stunning that it brings OZ alive as if you were right there on the VERY YELLOW BRICKS amongst all the DING-DONG-ing…people DO come and go so quickly there…!!!…

The 3D effects were beautifully done without being overdone. There were some “fuzzy” moments but hey, the film was made in 1939.  There were many moments when I just quivered with delight that were truly OZ MAGIC.  Their were many instances that the details just popped out with amazing intensity. The dancing of the shadows in the background gave new life to the visuals that we know so very well.  The backdrops came to life in amazing detail. Even the wrinkles in the green knuckles of WWW were wicked beyond words…!!!….

Amongst the many “favorite moments” – the one that brought a tear to my eye – is one that I had never seen before – a SINGLE TEARDROP running down Dorothy’s cheek as she is TAPPING (no clicking, as I always thought) her famous heels three times – a testament to not only the artistry of Judy Garland but the technology of putting OZ right in your lap (all my popcorn was gone by that point).

So as I continue to celebrate my all-time favorite movie….if you are in an OZ-MOOD and have never seen WOZ on the big screen….grab your TOTO (before Elmira Gultch does) and get to the theatre this week before it disappears.

It will put you in DOROTHY-MODE and who knows what it might inspire in yourself – afterall you had IT all along.  OZ has ignited many a duck-toon – so here a few favorites over the years and some recent OZ-musings. I never know when DOROTHY will get a QUAAAAAAAAACK out of me…!!!…


wizard of jaws




And if you are brave enough to venture into McDonald’s (I hate their food except for the fries) – they are offering six fun OZ-characters that are must-haves for any collector.

I rushed in the first day they went on sale and had to convince the burger-ista that they existed – she finally found that was I was asking for while not knowing what I was talking about. As she handed me Dorothy and the Scarecrow, she referred to them as the “girl” and the “boy!!!” I don’t think she’ll ever recover from my response.

I must force myself to back to my local golden arches (oh yuck) to get the “robot” and the “cat” in the upcoming weeks. Oh what I do for my Dorothy and to keep my GAY CARD validated.

OZ-fully as always….bucky


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