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OH the POLITICAL-DRAMA in a neighboring pond has finally come to a close with the RESIGNation of MAYOR BOB FILNER and a new era begins – hopefully. BUT OHHH….Bob will be missed – if not for the constant toon-fodder and the ranting of late-nite comics – but what good he could have done for the City itself

Looking back over the shenanigans of a once hopeful/progressive mayor who just couldn’t stop playing GRAB ASS amongst his staff and supporters. – Here’s a (pathetic) look back over all quackery – from the gassssssp of the initial allegations to the his final exit apologizing in one breath and a lynch-ing (no relation of Jane) in the next.

This is BOB FILNER…..who is now MAYOR-LESS…!!!…








Now that CITY HALL is FILNER-FREE we say goodbye to one GLORIA (ALLRED who is the MEDIA-TART who was-and- is just as disgusting as the mayor with her constant sensationalism and that tired red dress) and hello to a favored political-darling who is now – INTERIM MAYOR TODD – and hopefully gets the full-term gig if he wants it.


Yet the DRAMAAAAAA does not end here Рformer mayoral candidate  CARL DEMAIO Рa raging gay republican and congressman wanna-be (thank god he decided not to run for mayor again) has been accused of GETTING BUSY with himself in the CITY HALL bathroom for stress reduction.

As the allegations bounce off the urinals most of us agree that he is POLITICAL (S)CUM and possibly HANDS FREE of it all…!!!…only the urinals know for sure.



Well before you scream NO MORE FILNER-TOONS….brace yourself while the mayor’s race heats up once again and before we have a circle jerk in city hall….I will get back to you with many-more-a-duck-toon……afterall – there is another possible war and those pesky Russians are making it hard for the gays again.

It is NEVER DULL in DUCKLAND…..bucky as always…!!!…

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