“How do you stop the HATE that is SPEWED in the name of the LORD???

Recently I had a RELIGIOUS experience – better put – an UN-religious one but very SPIRITED…..

I went to a showing of SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES – an exceptional film adaptation of the stage play. I laughed and cried many times while being terrified by the memories of my life as a duckling growing up in a Baptist Church – I am not from the deep south but Southern California is just as SCARY…!!!…

This amazing film at long last has found its way to big screen. Written and directed by Del Shores – it stars many from one of my favorite films – SORDID LIVES – Emerson Collins, Leslie Jordan, Rosemary and Newell Alexander, Dale Dickey and Ann Walker…..whose talent and passions abound from the screen.

This is my story growing up with residue into my adult years. Once I got my senses and wits about me – minus an almost-exorcism– this duck called BUCKMINSTER was found on the drawing board by my cartoonist to help him heal his wounds and find his voice for HOPE, HUMOR and HUMANITY to challenge the HATE and HYPCROSY that defines most of Christianity- I am still QUACKIN’ today for many of the same reasons…!!!…



Holding on to my popcorn, I flash-backed to this young duckling blossoming into adulthood. I returned to the day that Christianity had me in the grips of its TOXICITY and SELF-HATRED on the brink of suicide for nothing less than a demented belief system.

Have you ever noticed that BELIEF SYSTEM and BULLSHIT have the same initials…???…

“I’m NOT going to CENSOR myself to COMFORT your IGNORANCE” – Del Shores

Looking back on my life I was deeply moved and reminded that some things have changed yet MUUUUUUUUUUCH remains the same. LGBT youth, along with some adults, are still being terrorized (some into suicide) by many forms of Contemporary Christianity shouting without compassion or truth from the pulpits, homes, governments and schools – the issue still remains at an alarming rate.



Run don’t waddle to go see this film when it comes to your town –or- you can bring it to your town or home at your request.  It is one of those films that can profoundly change your life for the better. As they tour the country winning many awards in a variety of film festivals is only proof that the message still resonates.

DARE YOU LAUGH and THINK at the same time…!!!..

Here’s a few words from Del Shores

If you REALLY want to see the film NOW, and cannot get to a film festival city, we’ve created several unique options for churches, charities, youth organizations, or just you and your friends to screen the movie! We have two options – a flat fee screening for organizations who want to show the film for discussion without selling tickets and then another option for groups who want to use the film as a fundraiser.

Feel free to contact either Del or Emerson for all the SISSY details

THANK YOU in ADVANCE for your heart and participation…!!!…bucky as always


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