Duck Soup Indeed!

What a week! … and it started off on such a nice somber note with the Emmys … go Frances McDormand! … then things got exciting!

… as the Comb-Over-Queen’s message of inclusiveness is felt across the land … the polls report that the rest of the herd is saundering closer … Doctor Ben Footenmouth surprised everyone with a few muslim Trumpisms of his own proving that its the words and not the man that makes a person a biggot (bump in polls) … ground also dispensed to Ironwoman and Lil’ Jeb … hmmm … thoughts go to a Boris and Natasha GOP ticket!… we’ll have to ruffle up our sleeves for that one!!!


… a GOP presidential casualty hit the deck this week in the form of Koch-Pockets Walker who claimed he was “being called to lead by clearing the field.” … and who said there was no leadership in the GOP??? … odd tho’ … he was actually polling good in the all too illusive Iowa … could he have been ordered to take a dive while the two Daddy-War-Bucks placed their crosshairs on another buoy???

… in a possible argument over who actually has the bigger percentage … Rand Paul’s senior adviser tweets that Marco Rubio’s deputy campaign manager punched him in the face (advisor not Mr. Paul) … caught on video … state police looking for the deputy … this can’t end well.

… and then in another act of pure aggression … Pope Francis arrives in Washington … does some great catholic stuff and then meets with our lawmakers at the state capital … has the gall to get them all in one room and express a message of compassion … right to their faces … in english no less! … his visit has actually caused folks to stop and think for a few moments … the Holy See saw that the secret in getting through to these lame brains was to speak very slowly so that the words actually had meaning … a new concept for many.

… the Pope’s schedule officially makes him a rock star (assuming you are down with his music) … in just a couple of days he met with President Obama at Andrews air base, then meets with him at the white house…prayer with US Bishops…canonization Mass for Junipero Serra…meets with congress (slaps them all silly) …visits St Patricks Church and Catholic Charities … meets with United Nations General Assembly (who knew it was the UN’s 70th anniversary!) … service at the 9/11 memorial museum…procession through central park … Mass at Madison Square Garden (baby!) …departs for Philadelphia for an uplifting speech on immigration and a blessed cheesesteak sandwich … The Pope is officially the most productive person in all of Washington!!!


… then the speaker of the house resigns … as if the GOP didn’t have enough on their plates! … actually its a teaser, that rascal! … he will ‘work’ through the end of October … at least he will get one months pay from the continuing resolution budget (as opposed to the actual government budget that the Republicans were too incompetent to put together) … word is that his departure is leading the Grand Old Party right back into a civil war (with themselves) … kinda like what happened to Iraq once the only stabilizing presence was removed … let the carnage begin!



… President Obama met with China President Xi Jinping, implementing a little known negotiating tool called Diplomacy … and later Michele stuns at the White House dinner wearing Vera Wang … did the tag say, “Made in USA?”.

… and to top it all off … the 2015 Global Citizen concert in Central Park! … 50% is not 100% … a lot of work to do …. and Hugh Jackman and Ed Sheeran on the same stage … my my.

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