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Happy 2016!

There is nothing like being catapulted into 2016! … first off … lets wish Natalie well on the next leg of her journey … Unforgettable!

… The GOP candidates have exceeded expectations. Who would have thought that Trump would continue to lead the pack with his arrogance and ignorance in all matters, and such a fine example for our next young male generation! … Not to be outdone, the remaining repubs have exposed their own wacked out ideas of how life should be for everyone, with Cruz the leading heretic coming in second in the polls! … if Ronald Regan were here he would slap each and every one of them silly(er)… Both Hillary and Bernie would make quick work of whom ever emerges from the GOP frothy surface.


… President Obama is on the verge of taking executive action on gun control … lame duck indeed! … This is what happens when the NRA fails to take a leadership role in addressing these massacres. Talk about a missed opportunity! And now Texas has joined the open carry ranks. This ought to go well.

… In other news ISIS continues to grow while all countries (the good countries) fail to hold those countries (the bad countries) that are supplying them with weaponry, ammunition and other supplies accountable. ISIS websites and other social media conduits¬†continue to accept applications.

… so its going to be a bumpy year … but hey! ¬†its suppose to be … its a primary election year!