feathered greetings……


quax-XOXOXXO to CHAZ BONO this week as “he” dances to a different beat on “Dancing With The Stars”.  It is “CHAZ BONO” meets “MY FAIR LADY”…..then again….maybe NOT!!!

Being a star in his own right…..I am inspired by his COURAGE and AUTHENTICITY to dance his heart OUT………literally.  To those who criticize his existence, all I have to say is DANCE ON – CHAZ – DANCE ON!!!


DADT is now dead in the water…..and it’s AFT…!!! We honor all Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals who can now serve our Country with HONESTY and DISTINCTION without fear of being terrorized by an Unconstitutional Policy that should have been repealed years ago.

There is much more work to be done with offering the same  rights to the Transgendered Community. Let’s keep holding their feathers to the fire.

As wonderful as this all is…the partners and spouses of LGB servicemen/women cannot receive the full benefits of retirement and medical benefits until DOMA is repealed – obviously there is more QUACKIN’ to do!!!  I feel a TOOOOOOOON comin’ on…..

But for right now – we CELEBRATE history being made. Thank you President Obama in keeping this Campaign Promise.  I can hardly wait until the first Military Base stages its first musical…!!!  Any guesses what that musical would be…..???…..anything but CATS, then again…!!!


This week was the premier of the documentary  “THE SEARCH FOR EQUALITY “….and yes, I did strut my HOT PINK FEATHER BOA down the Red Carpet. I am honored and delighted to be a colorful part of film project that shares OUR stories of our constant struggle for EQUALITY.  Under the guidance of the Media Arts Center of San Diego (Patric Stillman) and the Humanities Dept of San Diego State University (Dr. Pat Washington) we collectively share from our hearts and souls.

Just click the link for my segment –  plus –  you get a mini-tour of my art studio where my feathers come together.

Heartfelt quacks go out to Maricar Camaya for his talents and passions behind the camera.  From this point forward, the documentary travels the State of California via the California Council for the Humanities.

Feathers Up and then some…..buckminster

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