with RAINBOWS and QUAAAAAAAAAACKS abounding!!!

With headlines raging in all directions – let me by-pass all the drama with a little PRIDE-REFLECTION….this last week-weekend was LGBT PRIDE in QUACK CITY – needless to say duck-feathers and confetti were flying in all directions.

Along with all the usual festivities and pageantry – this year was more so the OUT-rageous celebration of the SUPREMES having SUNG in our favor more so than ever before.

Upon further feathered-comtemplation (as opposed to naval) – these words ran across my path that I would like to share with you:

“GAY PRIDE was NOT born out of a need to celebrate being gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender, but instead our RIGHT to exist without prosecution. So maybe instead of wondering WHY there isn’t a STRAIGHT PRIDE month or movement, straight people should be thankful they don’t need one. Welcome to America…!!!….”

As we continue to colorfully celebrate our AUTHENTICITY, the DEFEAT of DOMA and PROP 8….and….by the end of it all – have seen- so many RAGING RAINBOWS that DOROTHY doesn’t know which one to go OVER…..




Indeed we do QUACK ever-so PROUDLY and QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK for FULL EQUALITY….let’s hope we have more States than just 13 to celebrate MARRIAGE EQUALITY as we strut our feathers down the BLVD….SUNSET and/or otherwise…!!!


On a more concerning note – many of you know about my FEATHERED PARTICIPATION in “THE JOURNEY HOME”  – “QUACK FOR THE CURE” Campaign – A DRIVE-A-THON for the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. Artfully coordinated by the radio talents of BEN and ALEXANDER – two OUT-rageous and genuine talk show hosts via the UNIVERSAL BROADCAST NETWORK and their weekly talk show – HAPPY HOUR with Ben and Alexander…!!!…



At this VERY moment, they are well on their way across the Country performing cabaret (two gay men performing cabaret – who knew!!!) raising much needed funds until they reach Ben’s home-town in Illinois to do their blow-out show.

I really LOOOOOOOVE these guys for their HEART and SPIRIT in doing what they are doing -and- I get to go along for the ride to TAKE NOTES…!!!   Enjoy the videos that fill you in on the details

If you can find it in your TIME and HEART to make a DONATION….please do – the many amongst us CANCER SURVIVORS will deeply appreciate your $$$$$-GENEROSITY…!!!….

And of course….you can keep UPDATED DAILY on our respective FACEBOOK pages for all the QUACKERY as they travel from city to city. You can just IMAGINE what I am going to be doing…!!!…


Well when RAINBOWS in the STREETS meet TWO GAY MEN doing CABARET….the REDUNDANCY is just too too too potent – one must bring their BLOGGERY to a close once again.

Do join me next time when I will actually catch up with the HEADLINES of the day….one cannot let MAYORAL SEX SCANDALS (in a nearby pond), along with the EDWARD SNOWDENS and PAULA DEENS of the world go UN-QUAAAACKED.

Until then….FEATHERS UP as always……bucky!!!

…and…..KEEP QUACKIN’ for THAT CURE…!!!….

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