Get out their and VOTE!!!

This weeks GOP debate was a complete mess, and the current name calling is beyond asinine … the Repubs are truly a party of political imbeciles.

Now for something important … it’s been reported that at the last two primaries, democratic voter turnout was VERY low … this is not good … we can’t afford to wait until November to show our numbers … we must get the word out to our friends and family in those super tuesday states, and beyond, to get out to those voting booths and take care of business … and … they need to tell their friends and extended family, to get out there and VOTE … !!!


At the debate, trump revealed who his friends were, “…money makes the world go around, world go around, world go around …!”, Marco Rubio showed how cranky he can get when he doesn’t get enough sleep … somebody give him a pacifier … and Ted Cruz maintained his fortitude on his positions, reminding everyone why none of the House Republicans support him … liar liar pants on fire! … at least the CNN GOP Debate producers knew how to introduce some subliminal fun … is it me or did their background graphics just call Ted Cruz a weiner?!!!



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